Male, a handsome boy of nine years old. For some unknown reason, he was totally restless. Speech was almost nonexistent. When he first came into the clinic with his Mom, he was unable to walk straight, like a train off of its tracks. He could not seat himself and he tried grabbing everything that caught his attention. Western medications had made his limited speech stutter. But, with Dr. Wu's acupuncture in Santa Monica, he is changing everyday! Right now, he can, without assistance, sit himself and count to 20. His intelligence and comprehension is steadily improving. He says hello to Dr. Wu and shake hands with our staff like a gentleman. His mom wants him to go to school this fall. We are working hard toward that goal.

Over 20 years ago I visited a Chiropractor who instead of helping my posture, actually caused a pinched nerve in my neck. After this incident I have had numbness down my neck & arm, through to my fingertips. After seeking advise from a society of specialists – including Doctors, physical therapists, etc. the only treatment prescribed was for me to wear a cervical collar to immobilize my neck, which I did for over a year. After that I was told to wear it on a “as needed” basis. Several years later I dis-located my shoulder (on the same side) and was told that this was caused by weakness in my shoulder girdle from the original injury. Not only was this extremely painful, but since then I have constantly had to work at becoming stronger without re-injurying myself. This has been a constant battle. If I turn suddenly I am apt to re-injure the nerve. If I pick up something heavy (like a grocery bag) I can re-injure the shoulder… and so on and so on. I am usually in pain from one or the other, on pain killers, ice packs or heat treatments and immobile.

On a recent visit to Santa Monica a friend recommended that I consult Dr. Wu. He prescribed a series of 24 acupuncture in Santa Monica, Acupuncture in Santa Monica, Acupuncturist in Santa Monica Qi Gong, Acupuncture in Santa Monica. Acupuncture.  Santa Monica, massage, and Qi Gong healing. The first few visits I was in pain so he worked to simply relieve it. As the treatments progressed I felt a movement of free-ness in my neck and shoulder area. At about the 18th session I noticed that shoulders had become “even” – the neck injury had caused one side to be ½ higher than the other! All of this was done with Dr. Wu’s special brand of gentleness, warmth, and healing energy. Although major adjustments have occurred in my body alignment, he never forced anything or was harsh in any way.

After a 3 month rest period I will return for 6 additional treatments. At that point Dr. Wu believes that I will stabilize and be able to maintain these changes on my own. In other words, after over 20 years I can go back to leading a pain-free normal life – Thank you Dr. Wu ! ! !

(Francesca Molism, California, September 22nd 1999.)

Acupuncture Benefits

         10 Ways to Protect Kidney

#5  Food Nurturing
Nutritious diet and supplements for kidney there are many.  
Chinese medicine believes Black colored food is  exquisite;
They are as follows:

Black sesame seeds  [a handful per day]
Black agaric  [needs to boil to cook]
Black turtle beans [porridge]
Black rice  [not brown rice]

Female, 43 years of age, diagnosed with lymphoma with spreading to right lung and liver. When the patient first arrived from visiting numerous Western doctors, she appeared sallow and exhausted. After undergoing various test, the primary still was not traced so a course of action could not be positively established. She refused to have chemotherapy. She came here with doubts even though her physician had told her only Dr. Wu could help her. After a Qi Gong examination, the primary cancer was located in her right lung. After a Qi Gong examination, the primary cancer was located in her right lung. After the first acupuncture treatment in Santa Monica, she felt an increase in physical energy. It gave her will to fight. After only having two months of treatment, MRI studies showed the lump in her neck was reduced in size and the caner in her liver had stabilized. Her cancer had stopped spreading and was actually being decreased! she now has the confidence to recover back her normal life because of Dr. Wu's amazing acupuncture and qi gong skill.

        Daoist Recipe for the Depressed 
   It is important to say again and again the nature
has its weight on one's emotion and there is way
of dealing with it.  
  June 20th—— just 2 days before summer solstice
where the magnetic pull from the Sun, Moon and
Earth are at its strongest yet human's emotion
most vulnerable- Daoist monks in white-cloud
monastery use:
7~8 fresh strawberries (with leaves)
1/2 ~ 1 full banana (do not peel-intact)
soak in water (1 flat tbsp salt solution)
after 4 hrs, between 11am - 2p,wash clean and eat the fruit, eat with an appreciating
type of attitude "I love my strawberries & banana."
Daoist believe even the slightest fruit has its spirit-
It is wise not to have skeptics type of attitude while
eating: "does this even work..."
     It does, as the masters and monks epitomize 
red strawberry as the sun, yellow banana as the
moon, while we eating them, a collision happens
between our inward emotion and outer environ-
ment, balance, illuminate, the nature devouring
away  that emotion in power. 

Health is ourselves. -Dr. Wu

over 26 years of practice, Dr. Wu has used acupuncture & qi gong that helped many, many patients. >

Giant Acupuncture Technique_For lumbar herniated disc, sciatic nerve pain, lumbar pain, femoral head osteonecrosis



Male, 39 years of age, diagnosed with prostate cancer approx. one and a half years ago.  The result of PSA testing was 9.6ng/ml in March of 2002. Red and white blood cell counts were less than normal and his cancer had already metastasized into the lumbar spine. His physician told him he had only several months to live. Fortunately, he found Dr. Wu through a friend, a last hope. Dr. Wu performed an examination and told him if he followed his acupuncture treatment plan with consistency, he would have an excellent chance to recover from the cancer. After the first course of acupuncture treatment & practice of special qi gong exercises (over a one and half month course), his PSA level dropped to 4.0ng/ml (normal is < or = 4.0ng/ml). Everybody was pleasantly surprised. His physician could not believe it. Right now, he is in the second course of Dr. Wu's acupuncture treatment.

                         30% 70% 
Furor can cause harm to liver, as over-exhilaration 
does to heart, as morose to lungs, as fear to kidney,
as over-comtemplating to spleen.  
Chinese medicine believes that angry Chi
is major attributes to many conditions and death.
There are 7 types of soups to have in summer  
helping appease anger.. opt out of emotional turmoil:
1) green mung beans soup 2) barley/wintermelon soup
3) tomato/egg soup 4) mixed fresh vegetables soup
5) rice soup 6) fish soup 7) bone marrow soup
30% of the ingredients, 70% of water, to make. 
These 7 soups dovetail with the 7 happiest
moments' meditation.  balance yin yang energy
and enhance self-Feng shui.
Catching a cold can lower self-Feng shui, please
dress warm when raining and at nighttime excursions

Dr. Baolin Wu is a Daoist (Taoist) Master, Physician and martial artist from the White Cloud Monastery in Beijing, which for almost a thousand years has been one of the most respected centers in China for the study and practice of Daoist philosophy and medicine. At age four he was brought to the monastery and cured of leukemia. He spent the next twenty years under the direct tutelage of the abbot of the monastery, learning techniques of which few people today are even aware.Type your paragraph here.

                    Men --- ED
     There is little to be embarrassed for
our patients to seek help for low libido.
Certain recipes could have changed
the situation liberally. Daoist way use
-Papaya 30 g
-Leek 40 g
-moderate pepper, as in salt and pepper.
blender to make fresh juice out of it.
Drink 2 times a day. 
1 time in the morning 11am,
1 time in the evening 9pm,
      Yang energy is boosted in the male  
naturally, simple as that.  might not be too
tasty, but can prove he really is the king.
      Yin energy starts to arise on 8/8/15 
the first day of fall. Lungs and liver are 
two organs so tender and weak to issues
that even the nature condones it. Needs to
take care.

Low Libido [LL]
They re those among us who struggle
with hormonal imbalance & low libido. 
It happens after giving brith, or under
chronic stress, we know all too well it
affects sense of contentment.
Tongue rotation chi gung movement,
recorded in "Daoism Scripture" nearly
1,000 years go claims an effective way 
in terms of revamp sex drive & facial
aesthetic, perhaps doubly so the effect
of a cream, or medicine. 

The front 2/3 of the Tongue rotates along
the inside lining of the lips, cheeks, the gums,
the floor of the mouth below the tongue,
clock-wise, for 49 times (7' x 7')
swallowing the body fluid it naturally created.
nurturing kidney and reproductive system
ea. day only 1 direction- either clockwise or
counter-clockwise.As controversial as it may sound, Daoism mirrors
the upper & lower lip as the heaven & the earth,
Tongue as human, tongue moves mirror
our activities in between. It may not, haven't all
hoped to feel as good as they can for as long as
they can.. Now not only the mother-of-two, every
woman deserves an effervescence down the road.

February 8 is the first day of Chinese
New Year- Year of the Monkey
What is monkey-
-easily agitated, 
-light sleeper  (2/3 in sleep, 1/3 awake)
-fine motor skills  (finger/ toe/small joints movements) 
For small joints pain & plantar fasciitis
sea salt 120g (4.2 oz)
pepper corn 30g (1 oz)
microwave on high 5 min. or pan fry (no oil added) 
then pour them in to a cotton texture sock, tie.
apply to pain area & heels rolling against/massage. (5-10 min) for relief of pain.

Type your paragraph here.

March 5th is the solar term - 惊蛰 - Awakening of Insects
Temperature goes up, earth warmer, hibernated animals,
insects, & organisms wake up starting activity.
It is a season easier to catch all kinds of conditions-
The following foods contain higher Vitamin C to 
improve immune system, regulating blood and replenish qi, recommended in season-
-Daikon (boiled)
-Green beans
-Red Pepper (caution for certain patients)
Light in oil, eat mainly fresh.

     ——大暑 Da Shu ——     
    7/23/15 is 大暑, Great Heat, the
hottest day in the summer dog days.
    A general complaint of people feeling
tired at this time is too benign in
expression of what may really happen:
nausea, chest pain, even a baffling mind.
     No other foods during this time can
parallell with the following 9  icon:
green tea
watermelon [eat at noon, 11am-1pm]
cucumber [so good]
green mung bean [soup]
winter melon [white gourd]
vinegar [add sauce] 
water [boiling, then cools down to room T].   it doesn't hurt to tell the waitress, "less
salt, please." Chinese medicine truly believes
the eating motto for longevity at Great Heat  is:
Fresh.  Fresh.  Fresh.  light. light. light,

Winter conditions treated in summer
includes: asthma, intractable cough, emotion,
stomach-intestine digestion, arthritis 
kidney, bladder, blood circulation
Traditional Chinese Medicine featuring
winter conditions treated in summer  
while they're mellow, 
so that fewer or no episodes of these
symptoms would pronounce worse this
fall and winter.

Green beans is believed to be the
most effective in reducing
excessive water in our body, during
summer.  Chinese medicine thinks
heat must comes with Humidity,
consumption of cold drinks and
foods creates inner humidity,
humidity hurts Yang energy, at
1, 2, 3pm experience exhaustion,
heaviness, dumbfounding. 
To prepare green beans is easy:
steam, stew, and soup.
Green beans can als0 prevent
colorectal cancer.

Gloomy weather like this is more likely
to trigger sorrow and a reminiscent of
emotional loss.
As if the weather weren't enough of an
indicator, water-creatures are to the
seawater what emotions are to our body.
The change in air-pressure makes it 
easier for fisherman to fetch, as it
does for the stale Chi to be detected
and released.
Stale chi derived from a dragged
relationship where people hold a large
personal attachment to someone & a
concoctions of events; blocked in
膻 中 Tanzhong [RN17], midpoint between
the centers of the breasts down Ren
Out of more than 100 kinds of
dry fruit, fig is among the only few
ones that help dispell sadness. moderate
consumption of apple desserts is recom-
mended. Acu treatment believes in
using only the longer needle[#30, 4
inches, color code Brown] to break in
through Tanzhong point, deep down shatter
the negative chi & energy, regain
a light-hearted with respect to time's
spontaneity and fleetingness.
"many good trees in the forest, don't
just hang on one." - dr. wu

Female, 46, nurse, weight: 231 lbs, height: 5'5, waistline: 91 cm, bust: 115 cm, hip measurement: 129 cm. After a month of Acupuncture treatment in Santa Monica and herbs along with some diet changes, she lost 7 lbs. Her waistline went down to 79 cm, bust: 109 cm, hip measurement: 118 cm. She's satisfied with her shape right now, but she wants to lose more weight. Next goal is to lose 5 more pounds!



Script:  "We studied the cupping sites on the back of Michael Phelps, as well as localized muscle groups. Not only did it (cupping) stimulate the acupuncture points, but also sundry muscle groups.  However, the most important thing we should know is that, all these spots were lining on bladder channel.  You know, there are no channel, amongst all other channels, that can both have this much empowering energy, and transforming our immunity to its pinnacle, as bladder channel. To this day, Chinese medicine- acupuncture, cupping, massage, as a conduit for health promotion and prevention, has grown deeply into westerns' lives."   

Female, 37. Has trouble with depression and fatigue for many years. Because of family issues, she has developed a distrust in people, a bad temper which causes her side effects such as headaches & exhaustion. She asked for Dr. Wu's help because she wanted to change and be a nice person. After acupuncture treatment for 3 weeks, her emotional turmoil has become calm and stable. Especially after changing her Qi, she felt amazingly different. As she said, "I am more peaceful and less scared of the world, I feel more comfortable with myself. I have a whole different experience about the world and people around me. I have my second life because of Dr. Wu, a true acupuncturist and Daoist Master. 

--Quality treatment.

Female, 41, with asthma and sinusitis. She has had sinus problems since she was a kid and she has suffered from asthma for more than 20 years. Her condition fluctuates these days. Her sinus condition gets worse in the spring and her asthma worsens in the winter. Sometimes she has difficulty in breathing with blockages in her nose and brain. After only 6 acupuncture in Santa Monica, she felt a huge difference. As she said, she can breathe with her nose again and she can smell they oxygen in the air!

霜降 Frost's Descent -18th solar term- Oct. 24
 Frost Desenct is a solar term
projecting temperature drops,
frost appears. Yin qi increase.
dry mouth and lips, joints pain
and recurring coughing
are common symptoms.
To moisturizing lungs & nature Yin qi:
-room temperature water
-white seseame seeds
-red dates
-green vegetables
-purple grape
Avoid spicy, raw ginger, meat overdone
in counterbalance with frost D-
escent yin energy. 


                 Grain in Ear
6/6 is Grain in Ear “芒种”, the 9th in solar terms.
last till June 21st, the grain matures, wheats ripen,
waiting to be harvested.  Affluence in agriculture
and then some. 
All too often people at this season are at higher attack
by gastrointestinal issue with adverse riding of stomach-
heat chinese medicine believes in.  
Besides the Acupoints targeting the issue (which
typically happens at the sixth of twelve earthly branches
hour [9 a.m. - 11 a.m.], one of the best foods item of
all-time to prevent it, is sweet potato.  It is rare that
one food could combine this many benefits: anti-cancer
 (#1),  constipation, weight loss, strengthening of kidneys, 
control diabetes/high bllood cholesterol, protect joints,
make beautiful of women's skin.
Moderate consumption recommended- 
less than 60g/2 oz per day 
or every other day 
eat at the midday 12 p.m. 
high temperature °F steam-method preferred
avoid pairing with persimmons on a foodplate.
It would be a red flag if developing bloated stomach
after eating may result from inappropriate cooking.
Contrary as it seems to other solar terms where food
are not emphasized too much. June the month is. 
"Buy good foods, eat good foods. money spent on
health is money smartly spent." ——Chi Gung class excerpts.


VIDEOS ------>

Dr. Wu suggested  the following recipe for reducing the side effects of muscle pain:
dry lychee: 30 of them [sample picture above]
peel off shell & discard, 1/6 gallon of water, cook till boiling, 
cools down to room temperature. then drink only the liquid for 2 days, twice a day.

"I have been experiencing mild muscle pains and slower recovery after workouts as a side effect. I am about to start the fire academy and I do not want to deal with these side effects. Does Dr. Wu have any suggestions to relive these symptoms? Or is there anything I can supplement to help this?"

Male patient, 37 years old, diagnosed with Graves' disease (Hyperthyroidsm) in 2007. T3 was elevated twice as high as the normal range. Patient started treatment with Dr. Wu on April 23, 2016, twice a week, by January 11, 2017, T3 level drops to normal range from twice as high to 3.1 (2.0~4.4).  

  Water flows downward by gravity,   
acid reflux from stomach to esophagus
is common when people have tremen-
dous stress, over-eating, or simply be-
cause of a loose smooth muscle.
 Heart burn feels terrible. 
 to make it maybe 10% better:
 -sunflower stem [boiling & drink liquid] 
 -honey water + plain yogurt [1/2 + 1/2]
 -when sleeping, placing 1 flat pillow under C7
 -when swimming, choosing backstroke
 -rope jumping is good;
 -too much persimmon is bad.

CCTV Interview 26Aug2016 Dr. Wu on Cupping and Acupuncture  [Official Website]


A beautiful woman, 34 years of age, with infertility. Without any explanation, she was unable to become pregnant. She and her husband had both underwent testing at the local hospital to detect the problem. Nothing was abnormal! Since they both love babies, they wanted to have children of their own. They were referred to Dr. Wu by their friends because of his many years of experience in acupuncture & qi gong treating infertility issues. When they came into the office and saw the collage of baby pictures on the wall, they knew Dr. Wu had helped a great many couples. They believed Dr. Wu. They were right. After 6 weeks of acupuncture treatments and qi gong, she was pregnant. Her son will be born at the end of this year.

liver opens into the eyes.
improper diet, tiredness,
remnants of summer heat
can all have consequences
on liver and affect our eyes.
Without a clear vision,
we can't see, cannot convey
Taoist therapy suggests:
every-day intake 3 out of 7
of these fruits at this
time:  1. banana 2. dragon
fruit 3. cherry tomatoes
4. tangerine 5. blueberries
6. sugarcane 7. persimmons
It believes the small-sized
& shaped fruits mimick our
eyes in proportion to our
body & sharpen. 
So we can watch clearly, discern,
and enjoy other people play.  

Daoist Health Maintenance Tips