Spring Season Specialty: Allergy, Energy, Anxiety

Dr. Wu has beenpracticing in Santa Monica for 26 years. 

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Latest August reports: Patient 60 years old Colon Cancer Metastasized to Pelvic area. Undergo Treatment with Dr. Wu starting on June 21, 2016, for 30 visits, treatment finished on July 27th. CT Scan on August 11: Mass (nodule) gone. CEA (carcinogenembryotic drops from 4.5 to 3.2 ng/ml (standard range 0.0 - 4.7 ng/ml). Treatment is effective.  

Dr. Baolin Wu is a Daoist (Taoist) Master, Physician and martial artist from the White Cloud Monastery in Beijing, which for almost a thousand years has been one of the most respected centers in China for the study and practice of Daoist philosophy and medicine. At age four he was brought to the monastery and cured of leukemia. He spent the next twenty years under the direct tutelage of the abbot of the monastery, learning techniques of which few people today are even aware.

Dr. Wu is nationally recognized as an authority in the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine and also has a thorough understanding of Western Medicine, as evidenced by his training and experience. Dr. Wu received his medical degrees from the most esteemed schools in China. He graduated from the National College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, holds a masters degree from the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and became an Attending Physician at Guang An Men Hospital (China’s foremost combination Western/Chinese medical institution). Several years later, he went to Japan to take part in government-sponsored research, and earned his PhD. in Neurophysiology from prestigious Kyoto University. He then served as Director of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine at Takua Hospital in Kildore, Japan.

To understand Dr. Baolin Wu’s excellence in his field, one must go beyond academic credentials. He hails from one of the most prominent medical families in China. His renowned ancestor Qian Wu, an imperial doctor of the Qing Dynasty, was the author of “The Mirror of Medicine”, the encyclopedia work that stands today with the “Materia Medica” (1590) as the basis for all modern Chinese medicine. Xi Zhi Wu, Dr. Wu’s paternal grandfather, was the personal physician of Pu Yi, the last emperor of China. Dr. Wu’s mastery has been shaped by the wisdom of seven generations, passed down to him by his family. In addition, the Daoist principles instilled in his young days have given Dr. Wu a sensitivity towards his patients as well as a holistic understanding of the nature of healing.

Dr. Wu is a recognized authority on traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and herbal medicine.



This is an extremely valuable picture of Dr. Wu’s Daoist Aunt, Cheng Yu Li, the younger sister of Dr. Wu’s teacher, Master Du Xin Lin. She lived a life of 144 years old (1866-2010). Her longevity is a direct result of 133 years of persistent practice. Master Wu took me to visit her on Jan. 2, 2003. During this meeting; she emphasized the importance of the “Five Centers Facing Heaven”. She is living proof of this testimony.

- Michael McBride